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Commonly Overlooked Areas in Construction Clean-Up

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There’s no getting around the fact that construction is messy. Whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, your crew’s sole focus is to make sure that everything gets done on time. This means that although they’re working efficiently and cleaning as necessary to keep the worksite safe, they aren’t focused on the small details and keeping everything spotless.

It’s important to make sure that the property is ready for occupant move-in after the dust has settled, so don’t forget about these four commonly overlooked areas. If you want to make it easier for your crew to move from one job to the next, contact VAL-U Maintenance to learn more about letting us handle all of your Dallas construction clean-up needs.

Image of man looking underneath a refrigerator.

Appliances and Fixtures

Dirt, dust, debris, and other byproducts of the construction process have a way of getting everywhere. You might not remember to check the top of the refrigerator or inside of the fixtures in an adjacent room, but trust us — it needs to be cleaned. Make sure to check above, under, and behind major appliances, carefully cleaning them with the appropriate tools and solutions. The same principle applies to light fixtures, as any dust and debris that has settled on the bulbs can reduce the light they give off and produce an unpleasant smell. However, it’s recommended that you turn the electricity off before touching the bulbs.

Image of a window cleaner using a squeegee on a window.

Window Cleaning

Nobody wants to look through dirty windows, especially in the context of what should be a beautiful, newly finished space. The windows are likely covered in a film that needs to be removed carefully in order to avoid damaging the glass. It’s best to start from the top and work your way down, stopping to rinse and reapply the cleaner when necessary. Once the film has been removed, polish and dry with a window-safe cloth to remove streaks and create a like-new look.

Image of a man power washing a wall.

Exterior Power Washing

First impressions are everything, and it’s important to make sure that a property looks good both inside and out after a job is done. You might think that a property’s exterior would be safe from dirt, dust, and debris buildup due to being outside, but make no mistake about it — exteriors can become just as dirty, if not dirtier, than interiors. Materials have been transported in and out of the property, and they may have even been stored outdoors, depending on the stage of the project. Exterior power washing is a great way to make sure that anything that accumulated during construction — and anything that was there before — are cleaned up once the job is done.

Image of a floor cleaner polishing a surface.

Floor Cleaning

Floors always seem to collect the most debris during the construction process. Even if a crew uses floor protection to reduce the amount of dust accumulation and prevent scratches, they’re not going to be spotless once the job is done. In fact, they’ll likely need to be cleaned with several different methods (mopping, polishing, waxing, etc.) before they look anything close to new.

Making a property look like new following a construction project isn’t easy, but it can be when you work with the Dallas construction clean-up professionals at VAL-U Maintenance.